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thehumpyoucrew's Journal

Hit It From the Back
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Welcome to The Hump You Crew.

This is a rating community.

*Immediately after joining, you must post your top 20 fantasy fucks. Meaning, top 20 people you would sleep with, under any circumstances, at any time. We're talking ALL-TIME TOP TWENTY FANTASY FUCKS. ALL-TIME. Like, the ones that you've jerked yourself off to until you've developed Carpal Tunnel.
*You may not post other than your initial post until you are stamped.
*You may not comment in any other entry besides your intial post until you are stamped.
*Infringements upon the above will result in heartless banning. Being generally lame and unfuckable will also result in heartless banning. Moderators reserve the right to ban anyone, heartlessly, at any time, for any reason. You have been warned.
*After, and only after, you are accepted, you may post whenever you want, about whomever you want to sleep with.
*Get with the sexiness.

NOTE TO ALL APPLICANTS: If you are including photos in your application, the best possible way to do this is to hotlink the images with the person's name, but at the very least, USE SMALL IMAGES AND AN LJ CUT. DO NOT use bitmap (.bmp) files, they do not work. Anyone who doesn't cut their image-heavy applications, will be banned and application will be removed. (Applications will never be removed for any other reason, unless the user chooses to remove their own.)

Official soundtrack of the Hump You Crew: DJ Assault - Straight Up Detroit Shit vols. 1-4

Sister community of fuckyoucrew... the type of sister that has huge jugs and walks around in her undies.

Your Oh-So-Fuckable Moderators:
schwarzes_herz, owner of a lonely heart, this community, and a giant rack: setting the standard for hottness, blowing minds like it's my fucking job, and lusting over hockey players 24/7.
paperbirds: awesomeosity, non-stop, first ammendment

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